2nd World Congress & Expo on Nanotechnology & Materials Science

June 25-27, 2018 | Dubai, UAE


Title: Valuable compounds from ionic liquid based nanoparticles in valorization of the biomass derived RED HOT acids

Presenting Author: Ewa Bogel-Lukasik, LAQV, REQUIMTE, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, New University of Lisbon, Caparica, Portugal

Title: All-Inorganic Perovskite Quantum Dots Nanocomposites For the Application in Light-emitting Diodes

Presenting Author: Ru-Shi Liu, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University,Taiwan

Title: Silicon Microwire Arrays Decorated with Dichalcogenides for Water Photoelectrolysis

Presenting Author: Shu-Fen Hu, Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Title: Utilization of carbon source: solar light-driving photoconversion of CO2 into renewable hydrocarbon fuels

Presenting Author: Yong Zhou, School of Physics. National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures, Nanjing University, China

Title: Synthesis and selective urease inhibition activity of N- Subtituted methyl 5-acetamido-β-resorcylate based Ag nanomaterials

Presenting Author: Syeda Sohaila Naz, Nanoscience and Technology Department, National Centre for Physics, Quaid-i-Azam University Campus, Islamabad, Pakistan

Title: Edible CMC film wraps containing mustard antimicrobials (SNG, EO) inactivate food spoilage and food-borne Pathogens bacteria

Presenting Author: Saqer Herzallah , Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Mutah University, Karak, Jordan

Title: Sintering behaviour and microstructures of Ti-6Al- 4V alloy reinforced with nanoceramic TiN/TiCN matrix composites by SPS

Presenting Author: Oluwasegun Eso Falodun, Centre for Nanoengineering and Tribocorrosion, School of Mining, Metallurgy and Chemical Engineering, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Title: Fluctuations Induced Conductivity of La2-xCexCuO4± Thin Films from Optimum to Over-doped Regions

Presenting Author: Muhammad Mumtaz, Materials Research Laboratory,Department of Physics, FBAS, International Islamic University (IIU) Islamabad, Pakistan

Title: High Entropy Alloys : Materials, Processing, Synthesis & Applications

Presenting Author: A. Kanni Raj, Veltech Dr.RR & Dr.SR Technical University,India

Title: Efficient technique for reducing pollution using catalytic converter

Presenting Author: Naveen, Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, India.

Title: Electrochemical,Adsorption,Thermodynamic studies of drug intermediate 4-Chloro,8-(Trifluoro Methyl) Quinoline for mild steel in 1M HCl solution

Presenting Author: Narayana Hebbar, Department of Chemistry, Srinivas University, Mukka, Mangalore, India

Title: Magnesium matrix composite as a replacement for the Aluminum and Steel: A Review

Presenting Author: NAVEEN KUMAR, Applied Mechanics, MNNIT Allahabad, India

Title: Development of Ni-Fe nano structured multilayer coatings, characterization and its corrosion behavior

Presenting Author: Rashmi D, Department of chemistry, Srinivas School Of Engineering, India


Presenting Author: Gampa Vijaya Kumar, Department of Pharmacy, KGR Institute of Technology and Management, India

Title: Experimental and Quantum Approach on Inhibition Effect of the Praziquantel for Mild Steel corrosion in 1M HCl

Presenting Author: B M Prasanna, Department of Chemistry, Jain Institute of Technology, Davanagere, India

Title: Selective Metabolic blackout in hepatocellular carcinoma cells by submicromolar iodoacetate-loaded galactosylated nanoparticles

Presenting Author: Asmaa Mohamed Reda, Center for nanotechnology,Zewail City of Science and technology,Egypt

Title: Enhanced Oral Bioavailability of an Antipsychotic Drug through Nanostructured Lipid Carriers

Presenting Author: N.Jawahar, Department of Pharmaceutics, J.S.S College of Pharmacy,Udhagamandalam, Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara University, Mysuru,India

Title: Simultaneous quantitative estimation of selected anti-retroviral drugs in Nanoformulation by RP-HPLC method

Presenting Author: V.Senthil, Department of Pharmaceutics, Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeswara University, Mysuru JSS College of Pharmacy, Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu,India

Title: Botanical and Biotechnological studies of Genus Asparagus

Presenting Author: Sally.F.Desoukey , Faculty of Agriculture,Cairo university,Egypt


Presenting Author: Vipulkumar P. Patel, School of Pharmacy, RK University, Rajkot,India


Presenting Author: Uma Vasireddy, Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India,India

Title: Solvent-free Henry Reaction Using Cerium-Bearing Solid Base Catalyst

Presenting Author: Ravi Tomar, Drug Discovery and Development Laboratory,Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi,India

Title: Electrochemical and Chemical study of gum exudates from Canarium schweinfurthii as green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in HCl solution

Presenting Author: Paul Ocheje Ameh , Physical Chemistry Unit, Department of Chemistry,Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil, Kano State Nigeria,Nigeria

Title: Nanoparticle loaded topical gel of Deflazacort : Formulation development with Risk Assessment approach

Presenting Author: Falguni Tandel, Quality Assurance Department, Parul Institute of Pharmacy, Parul Universtiy, Vadodara,Gujarat, India

Title: Graphene Based Protective Coatings

Presenting Author: A.S.Khanna, Department of Metallurgy,IIT Bombay,India

Title: Rapid and selective adsorption of dyes by thermal oxidation nanodiamonds

Presenting Author: Alireza Pourghaderi, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering,Sharif University of Technology,Tehran,Iran

Title: Designing Low-Power VLSI Circuits: Practical Recipes

Presenting Author: Subir Kumar Sarkar, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

Title: Synthesis of Gallium Based Thin Films for Bio Sensors Applications Using Physical Vapor Deposition Method

Presenting Author: Hasina Huq, Department of Electrical Engineering, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley,USA

Title: Photoelectrochemical Sensors for the Rapid Detection of DNA Damage Induced by Some Nanoparticles

Presenting Author: M. Jamaluddin Ahmed, Professor of Analytical Chemistry Department of Chemistry,University of Chittagong,Chittagong-4331,Bangladesh

Title: Active Force Nanomaterial for direct heat conversion to get propulsion force

Presenting Author: Alexander V. Frolov, Russian independent research scientist,Russian Federation

Title: Valorisation and characterization of the waste of the food industry with a view to obtaining a new formulation of eco-materials destined for sustainable construction

Presenting Author: CHEMANI Halima, Process engineering department,Faculty of Engineering Sciences,University M'Hamed Bougara, Boumerdes 35000,Algeria

Title: Assesment of pyrophyllite powder used as cement substitute in polypropylene fiber concrete

Presenting Author: Sabria Malika Mansour, Civil Engineering Department,University M’Hamed Bougara,UMBB,Algeria

Title: Effect of the In (Ga) inter-diffusion on the optical properties in InAs/GaAs annealed quantum dots

Presenting Author: Maher Wasli, Applied science, Higher College of Technology/Ministry of Manpower,Oman

Title: Generalized gradient calculations of magneto-electronic properties for diluted magnetic semiconductors ZnMnS and ZnMnSe

Presenting Author: BENGUERINE KARIMA, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Mascara,Algeria

Title: Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using leaves of Murraya koengii Linn and its anticancer activity

Presenting Author: M Padmaa Paarakh, Department of Pharmacognosy, The Oxford College of Pharmacy,Begur Road Hongasandra,Bangalore,India

Title: Comparative in-vitro studies of PLGA–PEG encapsulated miltefosine and milterfosine against Leishmania donovani

Presenting Author: Md Yousuf Ansari, M.M. College of Pharmacy,Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana, Ambala, Haryana,India

Title: Defect States in Hexagonal Boron Nitride: Assignments of Observed Properties and Prediction of Properties relevant to Quantum Computation

Presenting Author: SAJID ALI, Affiliation School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences,University of Technology Sydney, Ultimo,New South Wales 2007, Australia

Title: Automotive Graphene-based Nanocomposites

Presenting Author: Ahmed Elmarakbi, Automotive Composites Group,Faculty of Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing University of Sunderland St Peter’s Campus, St Peter’s Way Sunderland, UK


Presenting Author:  Thiyagarajan .M, Dean Research,Nehru Group of Institutions,Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology,Coimbatore,Tamilnadu,India

Title: Synthesis of Magnetite Nanoparticles Obtained by Solution Combustion Method

Presenting Author: Aidos Lesbayev, Institute of Combustion Problems,Almaty,Kazakhstan

Title: Analysis of Wideband Millimetre Wave PBG Antenna

Presenting Author: Smrity Dwivedi, Department of Electronics Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi,Uttar Pradesh,India


Presenting Author: PAKO MOILWA, Ministry of Basic Education,Moeng College,Moeng, Botswana

Title: Assessment of Thermodynamic, Adso‒Kinetic and Inhibition Potentials of Gmelina Arborea Fruit Extract on Corrosion of Rolled Homogenous Steel Plate in Sulphuric Acid

Presenting Author: Efiok J. Akpan, Masters Degree in Materials Science and Explosives,Chemistry Department,Nigerian Defence Academy,kaduna,Nigeria

Title: Application of polyurethane/ gamma-irradiated carbon nanotubes composites as Antifouling Coat

Presenting Author: Hanan Mohamed Alamin Eyssa, Radiation Chemistry Department,National Center for Radiation Research and Technology (NCRRT),Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority,Cairo,Egypt

Title: Paper-based Automated ELISA

Presenting Author: Mostafa Amer, University of Science and Technology at Zewail City,Egypt

Title: Role of medicinal plants in the protection of sexual cells from drug toxicity in the treatment of Adriamycin

Presenting Author: Anas Taweelh, Biotechnology Department,University of Kalamoon,Syria

Title: Biotechnology and Biochemical Analysis Technique to isolate Vanillin derivatives for Plum fruit Tree(I)

Presenting Author: Alaa J.Mahrath, Biochemistry Department, College of Medicine,Babylon University,Iraq

Title: Biologics Industry: Operational and Technical Challenges for Drug Development , Scale Up Higher Scale Manufacturing

Presenting Author: Sumant Chaubey, Ph.D-Molecular Microbiology - Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara, M. Sc-Biotechnology- Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara, Graduation B.Sc.- Zoology and Chemistry -Banaras Hindu University,Varanasi,India

Title: Model for Rainfall and Malaria Cases in Yilmana Densa District, North West Ethiopia

Presenting Author: Tsegahun Worku Brhanie, Applied human nutrition department, school of chemical and food engineering Bahir Dar University,Ethiopia

Title: Stability indicating RP-HPLC Method Development and Validation for Determination of Hydrochlorothiazide, Amlodipine besylate and Telmisartan Hydrochloride in Bulk and Tablet dosage form by using Biorelevant Media (FaSSIF)

Presenting Author: Madhukar A , Avanthi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Gunthapally, Hyderabad, Telangana,India

Title: Possible to Control Transmission of Nerve Signals and Consciousness Processer

Presenting Author: Ahmed Kadhim Hussein, Mechanical Engineering, University of Babylon, Iraq


Presenting Author: Shankar Bhattarai, Department of Physics, Patan Multiple Campus, Nepal

Title: Spin-Orbitronics at Heavy-Metal Interfaces for THz Emission

Presenting Author: Henri Jaffres, Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS-Thales, France

Title: Cooling and Heating with Ground Source Energy

Presenting Author: Abdeen Omer, Energy Research Institute (ERI), Nottingham NG7 4EU, United Kingdom

Title: Self-assembly and complex fluids based on anisotropic nanoparticles & macromolecules and their applications

Presenting Author: Jean-Christophe P. Gabrel, Deputy director of CEA’s Nanoscience funding program, France

Title: Biopolymers and Bio-nanomaterials from Lipids

Presenting Author: Aman Ullah, Chemical Sciences and Technologies, Canada

Title: Facile preparation of Bi2WO6/CdS nanowires hybrid heterostructured photocatalyst with enhance Visible light driven photocatalytic activity

Presenting Author: Muhammad Arif , Nanjing University of Science and Technology China, China

Title: New approach for disk laser

Presenting Author: Victor V. Apollonov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Academician of RANS and AES, Russia

Title: The convergence of technologies generates convergence in the regulations

Presenting Author: Guillermo Valdes Mesa, Havana University Center Biomaterial, Cuba

Title: Surface coating of metallic medical implants

Presenting Author: Mansoureh Ganjali, Materials and Energy Research Centre (MERC) Hamedan Iran Avisina University, Iran

Title: Tableting ability of lyophilized berries (Arbutus unedo L.) and date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) powder mixture

Presenting Author: Tounsia ABBAS-AKSIL, Laboratory of Soft Technologies and Biodiversity, Algeria


Presenting Author: Kheira Negadi, University of Chlef Algeria , Algeria

Title: Effects of Conventional Heat Treatments on the Tribological Behavior of 42CrMo4 Steel

Presenting Author: Sadok RHAIEM, Laboratory of Electromechanical Systems, National Engineering School of Sfax,Tunisia

Title: The Influence of Nano Silica on the Heat Resistance of Cement Mortar

Presenting Author: Wail Nourildean Al-Rifaie, Philadelphia University of Amman,Jordan

Title: Possible to Control Transmission of Nerve Signals and Consciousness Processes

Presenting Author: Arvydas Tamulis, Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy of Vilnius University, Lithuania

Title: Synthesis and thermal properties of new Nano star-shaped block copolymer

Presenting Author: Hadi Al-Lami, Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Basrah, Iraq

Title: Spectro-Magnetic and Antimicrobial Studies on Complexes of Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) with Ethylenedianil Of O-Hydroxyphenylglyoxal

Presenting Author: Ali Mohammed Yimer, Department of Applied Chemistry, Arba Minch University, Ethiopia

Title: Bio-soluble magnesium alloy for implants in osteosynthesis

Presenting Author: Aikin Nikita, Department of Physical Materials Science, Zaporozhye National Technical University, Ukraine

Title: Blue Emission from ZnO mulilayer nanostructured thin film and modifications by 100 MeV Ag SHI irradiation.

Presenting Author: Surender Kumar, Department of Physics, Ramjas College, University of Delhi, India

Title: Poly (vinyl alcohol) nanocomposite membranes for pervaporation process

Presenting Author: Soney C George, Centre for Nanoscience and Technology, Department of Basic Sciences, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, INDIA

Title: Synthesis of Ni-Fe-Al alloys and study of their microstructure and FSMA nature

Presenting Author: ANKIT KARGETI, Department of Physics, INVERTIS University, Bareilly, India

Title: Hydrothermally prepared Zinc oxide, Tin Oxide and Zinc oxide-Tin oxide nanocomposite materials for energy storage application

Presenting Author: S.Selladurai, Department of Physics, Anna University, India

Title: Studying the effect of gamma irradiation on cattle carcasses contaminated with Mycobacterium bovis

Presenting Author: Fahim Aziz Eldin Mohamed Shaltout, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Food Control Department, Benha University, Egypt

Title: Self-Cleaning and UV Protection Properties of Natural Fibers using Nanotechnology

Presenting Author: Eman Mohamed El-khatib, National Research Center Egypt, Egypt

Title: Fabrication of Gas sensor for Hydrogen disulphide gas

Presenting Author: Walaa Shabaan, Egyptian petroleum research institute, Egypt

Title: Synthesis, Characterization and Anti-cancer Activity of Some New Heterocycles Bearing Coumarin Moiety

Presenting Author: Nadia Taha Ali Dawoud, Al-Azgar University Egypt, Egypt

Title: Histological Studies on Heteracris littoralis (Rambur) Treated with Silica Nano-particles / Challenger Formulation

Presenting Author: Aziza Sharaby, Department of Pests and Plant Protection, National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt

Title: Does operations strategy affect competitiveness? Evidence from Egyptian pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

Presenting Author: Reem Mohamed Naseem Elbolok, Sinai University, Egypt

Title: CEO bonus and Goodwill Recognition: Evidence from US Combination

Presenting Author: Rasha M. Elbolok, Faculty of Commerce, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt

Title: Analyses of carbon nanotube-reinforced composite sandwich plates using first order shear deformation.

Presenting Author: Mohamed ZIDOUR, University of Ibn Khaldoun, Algeria

Title: Effect of shear deformation polymer on free vibration of zigzag carbon nanotube using nonlocal Euler-Bernoulli model.

Presenting Author: Tayeb BENSATTALAH, University of Ibn Khaldoun, Algeria

Title: The Effects of Calcium Carbonate filler on the Characteristics of HDPE/ CaCO3 Nanocomposites

Presenting Author: BENOUALI Djillali, Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry , University of Sciences and Technology- Mohammed Boudiaf, Oran, Algeria

Title: Nanotechnology to Improve Dyeability of wool fibers with saffron yellow and red mixture

Presenting Author: Nagia Farag Ali , Dyeing and printing department, National Research Centre, Egypt

Title: Synthesis of Manganese (Mn) Doped MgO Nanoneedles for Optical Applications

Presenting Author: Neeraj Marwaha, CSIR NPL NEW DELHI, INDIA

Title: Microstructural Properties of ZnO Powder Nanostructures Prepared by Mechanical Alloying

Presenting Author: Oudjertli Salah, University of Badji Mokhtar Annaba, Algeria

Title: NanoBindi-A clinical-outcome focused, patient-centric precision therapeutic development platform

Presenting Author: Arkesh Mehta, OncoBindi Therapeutics, USA

Title: PC3 cells imaging by targeted conjugation of anti-PSCA antibody to dextran super paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles

Presenting Author: Mahboube Shahrabi Farahani, Faculty of Allied Sciences, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Title: Field-assisted Li ion conduction in PVA based nanocomposite solid polymer electrolyte systems

Presenting Author: Sunitha VR, Department of Physics, PES University, India

Title: Evaluation of Soysoap Formula S-101 and S-102 For Activity Against Gram-Positive Plant Pathogenic Bacteria

Presenting Author: Don Wilshe, Owner, Biobased USA, USA

Title: Lyotropic liquid crystalline mesophases as soft templates

Presenting Author: Ravi K Shukla, Department of Physics, DIT University, India

Title: Magnesium matrix composite as a replacement for the Aluminum and Steel


Title: Preparation and Characterization of Bicomponent Nanofibers Used as Carrier for Bacterial Cells for Water Treatment

Presenting Author: Doaa Zamel, Medical Research Institute, Egypt

Title: Electrostatic Contributions to the Stability and Reactivity of Bio-Systems, with Implications in Transfection

Presenting Author: Camillo La Mesa, Department of Chemistry, Sapienza University, Italy